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A2. Good dog!

auxiliary verbs / short answers

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Grammar: short answers with auxiliary verbs

We often use an auxiliary verb when we answer a question with Yes or No. It sounds more natural and polite to use this form than to just use Yes or No without an auxiliary.

Positive short answer
Negative short answer
    Are you OK? Yes, I am.
No, I'm not.
    Is this our bus? Yes, it is.
No, it isn't.
    Does Jack work with you? Yes, he does.
No, he doesn't.
    Do your parents come from Spain? Yes, they do.
No, they don't.
    Can I open the window? Yes, you can.
No, you can't.

With positive auxiliary short answers don't use the contracted forms.
Are you angry? [Yes, I'm.] Yes, I am.

Match the questions with the short answers.

    1.    Do you like dogs? A.    Yes, he is.
    2.    Am I in the right classroom? B.    No, he doesn't.
    3.    Do these people study English with you? C.    No, I can't.
    4.    Does your father work here? D.    Yes, you are.
    5.    Does Anna live near here? E.    No, they don't.
    6.    Is your brother at home? F.    Yes, she does.

Complete the short answers to these questions.

8. Can Mike play the piano? No, _________.
9. Is this the way to the station?     Yes, _________.
10. Am I late? Yes, _________.
11. Does Andy have a dog? No, _________.
12. Are these people all your friends? Yes, _________.

Vocabulary exercises

What's the opposite? Choose a word to make a sentence with the opposite meaning.

likes          never          wrong          very         unfriendly

      1.    This is the right answer. This is the ________ answer.
      2.    Sarah is a friendly person. Sarah is an ________ person.
      3.    I always walk to work. I ________ walk to work.
      4.    The book is quite good. The book is ________ good.
      5.    My brother hates cats.  My brother ________ cats.

Match the broken sentences.

      6.    Please do not touch.... A.    but he's not very friendly.
      7.    This dog doesn't ... B.    like people very much.
      8.    You said... C.    Can you help me?
      9.    This dog doesn't bite... D.    the animals in the zoo.
     10.  Excuse me, please... E.    your teacher was American.


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