Answer key: pre-intermediate

B1: Parachutes

Grammar excercises: 1 the most dangerous, 2 the coldest, 3 the most intelligent, 4 the most difficult, 5 the longest, 6 in, 7 of, 8 in, 9 in, 10 of
Vocabulary excercises: 1 doctor, 2 model, 3 passenger, 4 pilot, 5 lawyer 6 save your life, 7 disappeared from view, 8 as you can see, 9 only one left, 10 spoke up first

B2. Healthy living

Grammar excercises: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4B, 5B, 6A, 7B, 8B, 9A, 10B
Vocabulary excercises: 1B, 2E, 3C, 4A, 5D / 1 nod, 2 surprised, 3 never, 4 cheerful, 5 beard

B3: Country roads

Grammar excercises: 1 well, 2 heavy, 3 brightly, 4 badly, 5 careful, 6 noisily, 7 easily, 8 ridiculously, 9 angry, 10 slowly
Vocabulary excercises: 1 rolled, 2 turned, 3 crashed, 4 set, 5 honked, 6 at, 7 on, 8 towards, 9 around, 10 on

B4: Fear of Flying

Grammar excercises:
1D, 2A, 3B, 4F, 5C, 6E, 7. I’m going to get wet, 8. you’re going to do your best, 9. I’m going to keep calm, 10. they’re going to make a noise, 11. I’m going to buy, 12. I’m going to take
Vocabulary excercises: 1 take, 2 worry, 3 scream, 4 point, 5 fasten, 6 on, 7 of, 8 about, 9 back, 10 about, 11 emergency exit, 12 flight attendant, 13 plane ticket, 14 travel agent, 15 seat belt

B5: In the Ice cream shop

Grammar excercises: 1H, 2I, 3A, 4B, 5C, 6G, 7F, 8D, 9E
Vocabulary excercises:
1 menu, 2 vanilla, 3 restaurant, 4 extra, 5C, 6E, 7B, 8F, 9D, 10A

B6: Fishing in the rain

Grammar excercises: 1C, 2E, 3D, 4A, 5B, 6 was raining, 7 were leaving, 8 was beginning, 9 was wearing, 10 was holding
Vocabulary excercises: 1B, 2C, 3A, 4C, 5D, 6 invite, 7 order, 8 feel, 9 catch, 10 go

B7. Pirate story

Grammar excercises:
1 I was watching TV when the phone rang.
2 What were you doing when you hurt your leg?
3 We were playing football when it started to rain.
4 I was having a bath when you called.
5 She was carrying too many books when she fell over.
6 I was working in the library when David walked in.
7 He was writing his email when the computer crashed.
8 Were you sleeping when I phoned you last night?
9 I was looking for my shoes in the cupboard when I found the money.
10 Mark was sleeping when he heard a noise in the night.
Vocabulary excercises: 1E, 2C, 3D, 4A, 5B, 6C, 7A, 8B, 9E, 10 D

B8: The bus driver and the mother

Grammar excercises:  1D, 2B, 3E, 4A, 5C
6. I’ve never been to such an interesting place. 7. It’s the best book I’ve ever read.
8. I’ve never felt so angry in my life. 9. Have you ever met a more beautiful woman?
10. It’s the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at.
Vocabulary excercises: 1D, 2E, 3A, 4B, 5C, 6D, 7B, 8D, 9A, 10B

B9. The wrong answer

Grammar excercises: 1A, 2B, 3A, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B, 8B
Vocabulary excercises: 1 give, 2 have, 3 quit, 4 get, 5 work / 1B, 2E, 3A, 4C, 5D

B10: A helping hand

Grammar excercises: 1C, 2B, 3E, 4A, 5D
6.This soup is too cold for me to eat.
7. My paintings aren't good enough to show anyone.
8. These socks aren't dry enough to wear.
9. This book is too expensive.
10. They are too young to get married.
Vocabulary excercises:
1 for, 2 at, 3 up, 4 down, 5 away, 6B, 7D, 8A, 9C, 10D

B11. Big Joe

Grammar excercises:
1 I have to go right now. I'm very late.
2 It's OK. You don't have to do anything. Just sit there and wait for me.
3 Wait for Greg. He has to make sure that the door is locked.
4 A good student has to be very organized.
5 It's a free museum. We don't have to pay anything.
6 At the end of the year the students have to take an exam.
7 You don't have to come if you don't want to.
8 We have to make sure that our hands are clean.
9 We don't have to go into college today.
10 You have to be more careful.
11 Do I have to come?
Vocabulary excercises: 1B, 2A, 3C, 4A, 5C / 1B, 2D, 3E, 4C, 5A

B12: Lifestyle choices

Grammar excercises: 1 should stop, 2 should write, 3 shouldn’t stay, 4 shouldn’t eat, 5 should go, 6E, 7A, 8D, 9C, 10B
Vocabulary excercises: 1 look, 2 make, 3 drink, 4 follow, 5 sit, 6 for, 7 up, 8 by, 9 for, 10 down

B13: The old lady and her dog

Grammar excercises:
Exercise One : 1 went, 2 had, 3 sat, 4 put, 5 said, 6 told, 7 took, 8 got, 9 brought, 10 did, 11 gave, 12 sent
Exercise Two: 1 brought, 2 had, 3 got, 4 did, 5 told, 6 sent , 7 gave,  8 put, 9 sat, 10 went, 11 said, 12 took
Vocabulary excercises:
1D, 2E, 3A, 4B, 5C, 6B, 7D, 8A, 9D, 10B, 11C, 12A

B14: The director and the old man

Grammar excercises: 1  refused, 2 threatened, 3 promised, 4 offered, 5 hope, 6 to continue, 7 waiting, 8 to repair, 9 to listen, 10 going
Vocabulary excercises: 1C, 2E, 3B, 4A, 5D, 6 make, 7 make, 8 do, 9 do, 10 make

B15. The language teacher

Grammar excercises:
1 This movie isn't as good as the first one.
2 My essay was bad, but it wasn't as bad as the one I wrote the week before.
3 Although the city is quite big it isn't as large as the place where I was born.
4 My computer isn't as fast as yours.
5 My new apartment isn't as small as my old one.
6 I don't go to that restaurant any more because it's not as cheap as it was a few years ago.
7 Carla's comment wasn't as flattering as Mark thought.
Vocabulary excercises: 1B, 2E, 3C, 4A, 5D /  1A, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5A

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